MVDr. Henrich Müller

I have been devoting time to the cultivation of service trees (Sorbus domestica L.) since my youth. I was always interested how it is possible to grow these extraordinary trees.  After many years of experience I managed to reproduce them vegetatively as well as generatively. By searching for suitable plants and observing them, I was able to select individuals whose qualitative characteristics were worth cultivating.

For rootstock cultivation, I use seeds from high quality service trees, while scions are taken from exceptional trees. The main advantage of engrafted service trees in contrast to seed-grown trees is that the engrafted one starts to bear fruit much earlier (between the 7th and 10th year) and the fruit is the same quality as fruit of the tree from which the scion was taken. For people intersted in these rare trees, I offer my experiences and knowledge in the form of engrafted service trees.

MVDr. Henrich Müller
Sobotište 49, 906 05, Slovenská republika
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